How it came to be,

Twin Urchins was born after tirelessly curating vintage goodies for photoshoots and needing to find them new homes.
Then not shortly after I came to realize how incredibly unique Hawaii's vintage items are. It's unlike anywhere else in the world.
People in Hawaii are from so many different ethnic backgrounds and have curated just as many different things that they have brought to the islands.
That's where I come in, I love curating items, hearing the stories behind them at estate sales, and giving it a new life.
How do I know they're vintage? Some items I am allowed to do extensive research because I'm provided with a name or brand. That's the easy part. Unfortunately hand made items like baskets and ceramic things don't come with a tag. I rely on word of mouth or visually looking at the pattern of weaving, names, design, etc. to be able to give me an insight to how old this item might be.

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